8150 Pond Crest Terrace Manassas Virginia “Just Sold” for $358,000

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Today’s blog is about another home SOLD by the Twins Selling Real Estate.

I remember the first day I met the owners of this home. They knew the home was cluttered and they knew they had to tackle a few tasks but when I sat with them and showed them the reality of the market and what home buyers today expect, they listened.

They de-cluttered, painted and power washed the exterior to get it ready to sell. The effort and planning was well worth it. Because today I can now share that 8150 Pond Crest Terrace Manassas VA 20111, went under contract very quickly. In fact we were able to present the home owners with two offers!

Now here’s the part that most people do not know. When you want to sell and you want to buy a move-up home, Home Builders and other Home Sellers do not take Contingent Contracts in our area. Especially not in the spring market. So that means if you are lucky enough to be able to write a contract and secure a move-up home, you need to be able to “TRUST” the real estate person you are listing your home with. 

Of course all sellers are nervous about this part of the Sell and Buy a home plan.

In the case of these homeowners we were able to negotiate up to a sixty day rent back to allow the new home builder time to finish their brand new home. Step 1 of the Buying a Move-up Home is completed. Now all they have to do is start packing…and wait and watch their new home building process until they move.

If you are thinking about moving and you do not want to move to a temporary rental until your next home is ready, give us a call. Patty and I are very skilled in helping people buy and sell. They key to your success is having a Buyers Agent help you buy your Move-Up or Downsize home and then have that same agent ( or TEAM) help you sell your current home. This way the process is seamless.

The nightmare stories happen when you opt to buy a new home by yourself without a real estate agents assistance and then you call a REALTOR to help you sell your existing home. The challenge their is the builder rep is not in control of the building process and the settlement company and lender do not all report the same timelines. Everything is  a moving target and when you are selling your home and buying another home it is like taking a drink out of a firehouse! You the seller/buyer are being inundated with information, emails, text, loan documents, requests, phone calls and oh yeah you are working your regular job.

We are career REALTORS who work for you full time. We are paid by the builder on the New Home Purchase. You pay us nothing to help you until your home SELLS.  We work full time for you everyday from the time you write your new home ( or next home) contract, and right through the listing and negotiations of your existing home sale through to settlement.


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