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The night before settlement I texted the seller to say “Can you believe how fast the selling process has been?” The immediate response I received was ” That will teach me to get a wild hair to downsize!”

I laughed right out loud.

It was early April 2017 when a past clients ( the seller)  called to inquire about downsizing from her townhouse she has owned in Westridge for about thirteen years. She knew where she wanted to go, she just did not know the HOW.

  • How do I put things in motion.
  • She asked can you help me sell?
  • How do  I find a good REALTOR where I am going?
  • How do I coordinate all this ?
  • What do movers cost?
  • How long does the selling process take?
  • Can I move door to door to my next home?
  • Can I afford to buy a home before I sell mine?

These are all valid questions. Ones we have answers to.

So we put her in touch with a REALTOR in here desired town where she wanted to move. We recommended she do a house hunting trip since the real estate market was brisk where she was going.

We wanted to make sure she knew what kind of home she could buy and how long that process would take. When she returned we put her home on the market and within eight days we were able  to present her with an offer she liked.  They she went back to her new destination location and negotiate for a home to move into. We coordinated everything so that she could sell her townhouse in Lake Ridge Virginia and then move directly into her new home. Goal Met!

From start to finish the listing and selling process only took 45 days!

12148 Derriford Ct Just Sold


You see the reason the seller called us is she knows we know the real estate market well. We sold her previous townhouse  in Woodbridge Virginia about thirteen years ago and helped her buy the garage townhouse in Lake Ridge Virginia . So she was pretty confident we could help her accomplish her goal.


We are thrilled that we were able to help this seller with another real estate transaction and be apart of such an important pivotal time in her life.

Real Estate sales happen when something changes in a homeowners life. That could be the desire to downsize,  a first time buyer who is ready to buy, a job promotion or relocation, a new baby, a divorce or even the death of a spouse. No matter why you want to buy or sell, just know The Twins Selling Real Estate have systems in place to help you attain your real estate goal.

Call us at 703-851-3085. The phone call is the hardest part.

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